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67 Tips for a Happy Marriage

By Mike DuBose with Debra DuBoseLike a garden, a marriage requires daily attention and care, as well as the right ...
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Why Do People Divorce?

By Mike DuBoseWith divorce rates soaring to roughly 50% in the US (60% for couples more than 60 years old), ...
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How Healthy Is Your Marriage?

By Mike DuBose with Blake DuBoseMarriage is a journey where two different people commit to becoming one. It is not ...
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Flying in a WWII B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber

By Mike DuBose with Blake DuBoseWorld War II was a fascinating time in history, and the events that took place ...
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How My Life Changed Into a Wonderful Journey!

At 56-years-old, Mike DuBose set out on a journey to reinvent himself by letting go of his definition of success ...
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Marriage is Changing: How to Keep Yours Strong

By Mike DuBose with Blake DuBoseThe institution of marriage has existed for millennia. In fact, it has been recorded as ...
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32 Ways to Prepare for and Prevent Winter Disasters

By Mike DuBose with Blake DuBoseUnexpected severe weather can wreak havoc on homes, businesses, cars, and lives. We saw this ...
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New Threats for a New Era: Protecting Your Personal and Business Security Online

By Mike DuBose and Blake DuBose Some might say that thieves have it a lot easier these days. ...
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How to Be Happy, Part II: What is Happiness?

By Mike DuBose with Blake DuBose and Debra DuBoseEight years ago, I realized that there was something missing from my ...
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How to Be Happy: Finding the Gold at the End of the Rainbow

By Mike DuBose with Blake and Debra DuBoseNo matter your age, race, nationality, or status, it’s almost certain that you—like ...
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How to Be a Good Grandparent

By Mike and Debra DuBoseOutside of having our own children (and gaining a great daughter-in-law), becoming grandparents has been one ...
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Retiring Smart: Social Security and Other Financing Strategies

By Mike DuBose with Blake DuBoseFrom 1946 to 1964, America’s birthrate soared, earning this time period its nickname: the Baby ...
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