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As a nonprofit website, MikeDuBose.com exists to share helpful information gained by personal successes, failures, and experiences. A self-taught entrepreneur and servant leader, Mike DuBose seeks to positively impact as many lives as possible through his unwavering passion for learning and sharing useful knowledge with others.


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To support his goal of helping others by sharing useful knowledge, Mike DuBose researches and writes blogs and published articles about personal, travel, and business topics, and—with the help of Surb Guram, MD—health issues.

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Recommended Reading

In search of knowledge to propel his three companies to greatness, Mike read over 100 bestselling business books beginning in 2006. See the list of those he found most impactful and useful for business leaders, professionals, and beyond.

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Inspirational Quotes

A robust collection of quotes reflecting Mike's philosophies that are intended to foster introspection, inspiration, and personal and professional growth. Enjoy some of his favorite wisdom on business, leadership, health, happiness, and more.

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