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Regrets of the Dying

Don’t we all have life’s regrets at some point in our lives? Haven’t we all blindly travelled down what appeared ...
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How to Save Money

Consumers are plagued by soaring prices, empty shelves, and hard-to-find items since the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted supply chains. Families, with ...
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How to complain and get results!

Why do people complain?It’s a natural part of human behavior. People complain about anything from the weather, dangerous drivers, slow ...
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Latest News You Can Use

Social Security increase: Consumer Price Index assessed inflation at 4% and social security retirees will receive 3% increases or slightly ...
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Saying Goodbye to Your Beloved Pet

Animal lovers acknowledge the great joy that pets bring them. Two-thirds of American households have animals that live with them ...
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Remembering the 1950’s and 60’s

In our earlier hilarious article on aging, we shared 50 funny issues that point to your getting older! Now, we take ...
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Prescription Drugs: How They Can Help, Hurt, or Kill!

America’s prosperity and access to great healthcare options provide us with many benefits. Our excellent living conditions have pushed the ...
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Why Do Many Smart Leaders Fail… While Others Succeed?

Are you a leader seeking to improve your skills, a person who wants to become a leader, or an individual ...
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Sleezy Marketing Agents, Scammers, and Thieves!

We’re all being bombarded with hundreds of texts, e-mails, and calls from thieves and aggressive sales agents who “aggravate-us-to-death!” And ...
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Is Heaven Real?

Will our souls go on to Heaven, or will all of our thoughts and emotions simply cease with our last ...
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Secrets of Finding Happiness

Happiness is defined as a state of well-being—a joyful, meaningful life of contentment with a purpose. On the other hand, ...
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50 Signs That You’re Getting Old

The process of aging into your senior years is an interesting stage of life! It seems like just yesterday that ...
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