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Social Security Tips You Should Know: A Guide to A Secure Retirement

A complete guide to planning and applying for social security. Learn what you should be doing now to ensure a ...


How to Find Work In Good Times and Bad

Job hunting is hard work, even in normal times. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your search, ...


Mike DuBose’s 70-Year Journey

When writing their biographies, most leaders choose to emphasize their achievements and accolades. They list awards they have won, degrees ...


What Impacts Car Insurance Rates?

By Mike DuBose and Blake DuBoseHave you ever wondered why your automobile insurance rate is what it is? Even if ...


How to Find a Competent, Honest Mechanic—And Avoid the Crooked Ones

By Mike DuBoseAfter a home, cars are usually one of the most expensive possessions a person or family owns. Many ...


Grieving the Loss of a Pet

By Mike DuBose and Blake DuBoseLosing a pet is a devastating event that can cause major emotional pain. All animal ...


Reflecting on 30 Years of Memories with My Personal Time Capsule

By Mike DuBoseOne day in the 1980s, I was wondering about my future life. As a young entrepreneur with a ...


67 Tips for a Happy Marriage

By Mike DuBose with Debra DuBoseLike a garden, a marriage requires daily attention and care, as well as the right ...


Why Do People Divorce?

By Mike DuBoseWith divorce rates soaring to roughly 50% in the US (60% for couples more than 60 years old), ...


How Healthy Is Your Marriage?

By Mike DuBose with Blake DuBoseMarriage is a journey where two different people commit to becoming one. It is not ...


Flying in a WWII B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber

By Mike DuBose with Blake DuBoseWorld War II was a fascinating time in history, and the events that took place ...


How My Life Changed Into a Wonderful Journey!

By Mike DuBoseTen years ago, at 56 years old, I decided to reinvent myself. Today, I can say that it ...