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Barcelona, Spain: A City Like No Other

With captivating architecture, great food, and access to beaches, Barcelona, Spain has all the ingredients for a great vacation!
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San Antonio, Texas: A Fun Place to Visit

Who doesn't know "Remember the Alamo!"--the famous battlecry of the defenders of San Antonio's Alamo fort (and former Spanish Mission)? ...
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Grand Cayman Island: A Tropical Paradise

Looking for your next vacation destination? Read our article on Grand Cayman to learn more about its pristine beaches, relaxed ...
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How to Keep Your Seat on an Overbooked Plane—And What to Do If You Can’t

Most people put a lot of preparation into travel--but what happens when airlines throw a wrench in their carefully laid ...
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Key West, Florida: Our New Hawaii!

Love Hawaii, but hate the long plane trip to get there? Try visiting Key West, Florida! It's got a similar ...
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What to See and Do in New York City

Learn about our favorite things to experience in "The Big Apple!"
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What to See and Do in Amsterdam

Like us, you may never have felt a strong pull to visit Amsterdam...but trust us, you will be glad if ...
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What to See and Do in Washington, DC: A Guide for First-Time and Returning Visitors

Washington, DC is a fascinating city full of life, history, and culture--so much that it can be overwhelming trying to ...
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Welcome to Wine Lovers’ Paradise: Our Tips for Visiting Napa Valley

If you're a wine aficionado--or even just enjoy a glass now and then with dinner--you've likely heard about Napa Valley, ...
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Cruising Down the Rhine River: Our Great Viking Longboat Experience

We travel a lot--with more than 2 million flight miles between us!--so when we say that our recent cruise down ...
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San Francisco: A Guide to the City by the Bay

We recently took a fun, exciting trip to San Francisco, enjoying delicious food, great shopping, and breathtaking sights. Read on ...
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What to See, Do, and Eat in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, SC is a beautiful, resilient city known for its fascinating history, great coastal location, and outstanding food. Read on ...
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