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Hawaii: A Guide to the Islands of Paradise

Incorporating what we've learned over more than 25 trips to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, this article is intended as a ...
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The Art of Packing

So you've booked that big trip and are ready for an adventure...but what should you pack to ensure that you ...
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International Travel for Beginners, Pros, and Everyone in Between

International travel can be fun--but daunting! There are lots of details to arrange in order to have a safe, fun, ...
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Scotland—A Country of Beauty and Friendliness

Mike and Deb DuBose describe the people, places, and customs they encountered during their exciting eight-day vacation to Scotland. Click ...
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Traveling to Europe?

You may want to read this article before taking off! There are a lot of things that can go wrong ...
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Traveling First Class, Cheap!

If you are thinking about traveling, Mike DuBose has prepared dos and donts that will help you successfully prepare for ...
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