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Successfully Selling Your Business

If you're a business owner, you've likely put many years and lots of hard work into your why skimp ...
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What You Should Know When Retiring

Retirement is a major life event that everyone should prepare for to ensure that the "Golden Years" don't turn into ...
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How to Find, Interview, and Hire Great Employees

The quality of its employees can make or break a business. Learn how to attract great people and recruit them ...
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What Impacts Car Insurance Rates?

By Mike DuBose and Blake DuBoseHave you ever wondered why your automobile insurance rate is what it is? Even if ...
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How to Improve Your Credit Score—And Why You Should Try

Credit scores may seem like just one little number, but they can have a huge impact on your life! Learn ...
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How to Find a Competent, Honest Mechanic—And Avoid the Crooked Ones

By Mike DuBose After a home, cars are usually one of the most expensive possessions a ...
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Why the National Deficit Matters to Businesses and Beyond

Understanding the complexities of the national deficit, including its causes, contributing factors, and effects, can be difficult. Here, we explain ...
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How to Prevent and Treat Anxiety

By Mike DuBose with Dr. Surb Guram, MDWe all have things that worry us. Sometimes, we feel general stress about ...
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What Causes Excessive Anxiety, Fear, and Worry?

By Mike DuBose with Dr. Surb Guram, MDOccasionally feeling worried, stressed, and fearful is a part of human life. It’s ...
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Prevent the Pain of Shingles: Why You Should Obtain the New Two-Shot Vaccine

By Mike DuBose with Surb Guram, MD Many people don’t realize it, but the ...
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Preparing for and Recovering from Heart Surgery: A Researcher—and Patient’s—Perspective

By Mike DuBose with Dr. Surb Guram, MD“It’s an ascending thoracic aortic aneurysm. You’ll need open heart surgery.” When I ...
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Barcelona, Spain: A City Like No Other

With captivating architecture, great food, and access to beaches, Barcelona, Spain has all the ingredients for a great vacation!
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