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Grand Cayman Island: A Tropical Paradise

Looking for your next vacation destination? Read our article on Grand Cayman to learn more about its pristine beaches, relaxed ...


Finding the Right Financial Advisor

With people living longer and longer, smart retirement planning is becoming more and more essential. Investing, however, can be overwhelming ...


Our Culture

This document describes the culture we aspire to at each of the DuBose companies.


How to Keep Your Seat on an Overbooked Plane—And What to Do If You Can’t

Most people put a lot of preparation into travel--but what happens when airlines throw a wrench in their carefully laid ...


The Dangerous New Legal Scam Targeting Your Website

Your website is likely a vital marketing tool for your organization...but did you know that it could also present a ...


Key West, Florida: Our New Hawaii!

Love Hawaii, but hate the long plane trip to get there? Try visiting Key West, Florida! Its got a similar ...


How to Get Excellent Care from Your Doctor: Tips That Could Save Your Life!

By Mike DuBose and Blake DuBose with Dr. Surb Guram, MDAt your last doctor’s appointment, you likely spent about a ...


Staying Secure Online: Tips on Preventing Internet Disaster

For many people, the Internet has become the go-to source for information, shopping, socializing, and more. But as the prevalence ...


Six Big Mistakes Smart Leaders Make

It takes more than a brilliant mind to become a great leader. As research and experience have proven, a lot ...


Reflecting on 30 Years of Memories with My Personal Time Capsule

By Mike DuBoseOne day in the 1980s, I was wondering about my future life. As a young entrepreneur with a ...


What to See and Do in New York City

Learn about our favorite things to experience in "The Big Apple!"


What to See and Do in Amsterdam

Like us, you may never have felt a strong pull to visit Amsterdam...but trust us, you will be glad if ...