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How to Find a Competent, Honest Mechanic—And Avoid the Crooked Ones

By Mike DuBoseAfter a home, cars are usually one of the most expensive possessions a person or family owns. Many ...


Why the National Deficit Matters to Businesses and Beyond

Understanding the complexities of the national deficit, including its causes, contributing factors, and effects, can be difficult. Here, we explain ...


How to Prevent and Treat Anxiety

By Mike DuBose with Dr. Surb Guram, MDWe all have things that worry us. Sometimes, we feel general stress about ...


What Causes Excessive Anxiety, Fear, and Worry?

By Mike DuBose with Dr. Surb Guram, MDOccasionally feeling worried, stressed, and fearful is a part of human life. It’s ...


Prevent the Pain of Shingles: Why You Should Obtain the New Two-Shot Vaccine

By Mike DuBose with Surb Guram, MDMany people don’t realize it, but the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved ...


Preparing for and Recovering from Heart Surgery: A Researcher—and Patient’s—Perspective

By Mike DuBose with Dr. Surb Guram, MD“It’s an ascending thoracic aortic aneurysm. You’ll need open heart surgery.” When I ...


Barcelona, Spain: A City Like No Other

With captivating architecture, great food, and access to beaches, Barcelona, Spain has all the ingredients for a great vacation!


Grieving the Loss of a Pet

By Mike DuBose and Blake DuBoseLosing a pet is a devastating event that can cause major emotional pain. All animal ...


Preventing and Treating Migraine Headaches

By Mike DuBose with Dr. Surb Guram, MDMigraine headaches are a painful nightmare that can negatively impact individuals’ lives, relationships, ...


What Causes Migraine Headaches?

By Mike DuBose with Dr. Surb Guram, MDMany people don’t realize how serious migraines can be…until they have one! Migraine ...


Treating Depression: Emerging from the Darkness

By Mike DuBose with Dr. Surb Guram, MDMillions of Americans will suffer from depression in their lifetimes. Whether you have ...


Understanding the Causes of Depression: The Road to Darkness

By Mike DuBose with Dr. Surb Guram, MDAt some point in life, everyone experiences sadness or worry. These feelings are ...